Why Da Nang Is The Most Worth Living City In Vietnam

Do you want to have a memorable experience in the cleanest and most civilized city of Vietnam? Dubbed as the most livable city of this beautiful little country, Danang is always a place to leave many beautiful impressions in the hearts of visitors when coming here. Let's explore it.

The streets are clean and airy

Many visitors to Da Nang enjoy the long, wide and open roads in the city. In Danang seldom serious traffic jams occur as many other developed cities.

Danang beautiful sightseeing with clean air

It is also one of the top 20 clean cities in the world. People always have the sense to throw waste in the right place. Even on the beach, you will see absolutely no trash.

Wi-Fi covers the whole city

You can stay anywhere on the road, open the device and connect directly to the city wifi. Conveniently, right?

In addition to that, when you come to Da Nang, you can enjoy delicious sea food very varied.

Diverse cuisine

With rich and diversified products, the prices here are very affordable and always ensure the freshness.

Many places to stay

You can also relax at many accommodations and homes with very good quality of service. Come and enjoy the feeling of comfort, great relaxation for your travel.

There are many apartments or condominiums in the heart of the city with extremely low prices, so the choice for guests is unlimited.

People are cute and civilized

Da Nang people are very enthusiastic and very polite. They will be enthusiastic if you get lost and they always smile.

Good security

In Da Nang, you can comfortably stop by the roadside to talk on the phone without worrying robbed. You can also take a photo shoot and still be sure to choose a beautiful angle instead of screaming fear your camera "no wings but can fly".

Kindness with free things

Take a few steps, you can easily find free ice buckets, Da Nang people or volunteer groups often have practical activities contribute to the community.

The Cancer Hospital for the Poor is also one of the government-supported projects that give the poor the chance to be healed.

And there are other free things waiting for you to experience here.

Da Nang always own things that can create a "fever"

Dragon Brigde, Love Brigde, or Sun Wheel ... in turn built to contribute to the creation of a modern Da Nang aesthetic. These works are noted for their impressive design and modernity.

Have beautiful nature and many tourist attractions

Outdoor events

One year, one can go to Da Nang once, but can also go twice, three times just because in Da Nang there are many attract event. Which is the festival Fireworks majestic or the Iron Man International competition... The events or activities in Da Nang are diverse, this is suitable for the whole family, for young people and who like adventure. All created a Da Nang not only beautiful, friendly but also extremely interesting.