Danang Goverment Approved The Project of Tourist Area For Foreigner in An Thuong, My Khe Beach

For a long time, An Thuong is known as a great area with many restaurants, cafes and bars ... and many provide services to visitors.

On January 31st, Da Nang People's Committee issued Decision 489 / QĐ-UBND approving the project of An Thuong Tourist Area (My An Ward, Ngu Hanh Son Dist.) In order to orient development and manage solutions. Investment, infrastructure, technical infrastructure, planning services to create entertainment, shopping day and night for tourists, create products to meet the needs of tourists. calendar..

In the field, An Thuong nightlife is limited to 4 streets: Vo Nguyen Giap (170m long), Hoang Ke Viem (850m), Chau Thi Vinh Te (170m) and Ngô Thì Sĩ (850m long) with the total area including the beach is only 0.15km2, but now there are 141 establishments providing services for tourism, of which, 64 service establishments, 43 service establishments dining, 12 shopping facilities, 8 beauty services, 6 sports / health facilities.

According to the survey of My An Ward People's Committee, in the first nine months of 2017, An Thuong has 267,848 visitors (not including the number of tourists visiting, using other services in the neighborhood) international visitors are 74,077 (nearly 30%), mainly from Europe, USA, Korea, Japan, Australia and China.

At peak time, the average number of visitors is 1,488 per day, while the average rate is 651 per day. The rate of visitors to An Thuong increased 30% / year, the return rate of guests is 80-90%. The tourists surveyed are looking for An Thuong district to have more entertainment, nightlife more

The An Thuong night market is an intersection of planning, investment inspired by South Bank road.

Specifically, in the coastal tourism service, installation of sign location (destination location) to turn this place into an indispensable souvenir spot. This is also the place where many events, tourism festivals associated with the beach.

Build a square in the direction of open space, aiming at organizing activities, outdoor events. Proposing the nightly walking road in An Thuong 1, 2, 3, 4, Tran Bach Dang and proposed guidelines for all day activities.

Based on the orientation of development, solutions for management, investment in material facilities, technical infrastructure, planning services areas ... of the project, the People's Committee of Ngu Hanh Son district encourage the local business to renovate the pavement, constructions, trees.

Beside that, preside and co-ordinate with departments and branches to manage the neighborhood activities, ensuring security and order and safety for tourists. To preside over the draft regulation on the operation of the quarter within the framework of the law, especially the sanctions to deal with acts of insecurity, order, safety, environmental sanitation and landscape planning. ...

Carry out garbage collection at a higher frequency to ensure environmental sanitation in the neighborhood, encourage the local business to install surveillance camera systems ... Believe that, in the near future, the neighborhood to serve tourists overnight An Thuong as more and more known tourists, become an impressive destination in Da Nang.

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