Iconic An Thuong Tourist Streets in Danang Fantastic City

On April 23rd, the symbol of destination An Thuong Tourist Streets (also known as "Pho Tay An Thuong") was set up at the corner of Vo Nguyen Giap - Hoang Ke Viem Street - the starting point of the 24/7 tourist streets.

Tourist streets in Da Nang

Pho Tay An Thuong with many accommodations, restaurants, cafes, bars, spas... has already become popular for many international tourists visiting the city of beaches Danang. Therefore, the implementation of the An Thuong Street Tourism Project 24/7 will provide advantages for the area to develop more efficiently thanks to its suggested adjustment on infrastructure, transportation and allow restaurants, pubs, others to open until very late night.

Tourist streets in Da Nang

The project of An Thuong Tourist Streets is not only to build an interesting destination for tourists, diversifying tourism services, but also help to create more jobs and improve income for local residence once the area develop more. The project will have a positive impact on tourism and socio-economy for Da Nang in general, and for An Thuong area, My An ward, Ngu Hanh Son district in particular.

Holiday Beach Danang Hotel & Resort is located right in front of My Khe Beach, is also the first point leading to An Thuong Tourist Streets that can help tourists to identify the walking streets located behind. This is an attractive destination for travelers, as during daytime they can immerse themselves in the blue waters of My Khe Beach, enjoying cocktail and snacks at The Holiday Beach Club, and at night time, they can walk into the area to explore a hilarious tourist streets with local and international restaurants, pubs and bars, etc until late.

In addition, there is the Holiday Beach Subway, which invested by Holiday Beach Danang Hotel & Resort, allows visitors to cross the busy Vo Nguyen Giap Street to the beach safely.

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