Why Animor Green Home is one of the most beautiful villas in Da Nang?

Animor Green Home Da Nang - a stunning resort located just 100m from the beautiful My Khe beach, fabulously well-designed by the theme of Eco Chic with green living where is known as one of the most beautiful villas and must-go destination in Da Nang,Vietnam.

If you expect experience a vacation at a luxury resort in the center of Da Nang city, villa Animor Green Home is an ideal choice for you.

Green living is the concept of the villa, giving visitors the feeling of cool, airy and very cool design room in every angles.

The outer walls are covered with dense flowering plants in a unique way.

Even if you are in the room, you will still feel yourself in a "miniature jungle".

Animor always uses the best quality materials for each room

The rooms are newly built, designed with the highest quality wood, creating a cozy but no less luxurious, sophisticated and modern.

Especially, the Animor Green Home villa has a luxurious pool attached to nature, providing an enjoyable experience while relaxing in a "green lake".

Not only is the ideal resort location, visitors can also book studio to have the best art photography.

In addition, the open space terrace of this villa is an excellent outdoor BBQ venue, along with the view of the romantic My Khe Beach and the vibrant city of colorful lights.

Bringing a peaceful life right in the heart of a fantastic city is the mission of Animor Green to send to all visitors when coming to Da Nang.

For reservation: https://www.airbnb.com/rooms/27886612?s=51 Phone: 0236 375 1999 Email: animorgreenhome@gmail.com Website: animorgreenhome.com

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