Da Nang is located between three World Heritage Sites: the ancient capital of Hue, the ancient town of Hoi and My Son Sanctuary. Da Nang is also known as many beautiful , such as Ngu Hanh Son, Son Tra, Love Lock Bridge, Dragon Bridge, My Khe beach, Son Tra peninsula, Hai Van pass, the poetic Han River and the bridge to turn the Han River - the pride of the city, and the most beautiful My Khe beach on the planet. Join Chiic Vacation to discover these famous places with attractive tours and best services.

  1. Da Nang – Hoi An Tour

In the Central region, visitors will have outstanding attractions such as Hue, Quang Binh and also cannot ignore Hills, Ngu Hanh Son and Hoi An. Refer to tour information as below:

Departure in the afternoon.

15:30: Car and HDV pick you up at your hotel or home.

- Depart for Ngu Hanh Son. Delegation visit Ngu Hanh Son fine-art stone village famous for fine art stone sculptures, tourists take .

- The delegation will take part in Thuy Son mountain which is the only mountain of Ngu Hanh Son with artificial and natural architectural works, the delegation will visit 2 ancient temples on this painting Tam Thai Pagoda and Linh Ung Pagoda, about the lawsuit itself. However, tourists will join Huyen Khong, Dong Tang Chon and Dong Nghiem cave

17h00: The delegation will continue to depart for Hoi An ancient town to visit , a unique architecture and a symbol of Hoi , ancient houses, Hoi Quan.

19:00: Have a main meal. Free shopping.

20:30: Car and HDV will take you to Nang.

21:30: Return guests at the initial pick-up point. End of Hoi tour.

2. Cu Lao Cham Tour

Apart from Hoi , Cu Lao Cham is also a tourist destination in Quang Nam for those who interest in feeling strong and love wild nature.

is located 8 nautical miles from the sea gate of Dai - Hoi , a cluster of islands forming a sail with 8 islands, of which the largest is Hon Lao and only people living through the chapter. In this process, visitors will have the most relaxing moments to be immersed wild nature and true local fishermen.

Schedule of Cu Lao Cham tours departing from Nang

7:30: Green car and tour guide welcome guests at Danang hotels

8:00 am: Depart for Cham Island through Dai Hoi port

8:45: After completing the procedure with the border guard station. Depart for Cano to Cham Island

- The delegation will take about 20 minutes on the beach with high speed surf , creating a more comfortable feeling for the trip

9h05: The delegation will dock at Village Beach, one of the beaches of Hon Lao Group, to visit places such as Hai Tang Pagoda, Champa Ancient Well, Tan Hiep Market, Marine Reserve.

10:30: The group will leave the village to return to with 5 minutes of sitting Cano

- will change into costumes to snorkel and watch coral.

11:30: Lunch at Ong beach

- Free swimming, resting

14h00: The group goes to to re-enter the mainland.

15h30: Give the delegation to the initial pick-up point to end the Cham Island tour program for 1 day.

3. Da Nang – Hue Tour

Hue is also home to many Vietnamese feudal architectural works, which is a destination not to be missed during the tour schedule when visiting Central Vietnam, visitors will admire the poetic features of Hue.

With a one-day tour that brings convenience to visitors. Green offers a reasonable tour of time as well as ensuring the health of your trip

Schedule tour Hue for 1 day

7:30: Car and HDV escort from Danang to Hue

8:00: Visit Lang Lang bay, Lang Co pearl display area is a pearl cultured by local people.

- Tourists will go through places such as Phu Gia Pass, Phuoc Tuong Pass, Tam Giang Lagoon, where visitors will be presented with HDV's place with many interesting achievements.

10:00: Visit the Royal Citadel with many architectural works of the Nguyen dynasty still retained

12:00: Lunch with Vietnamese rice menu

13h30: Visit Thien Mu pagoda with many famous here

- Visiting Khai Dinh Tomb is a mausoleum with beautiful architecture.

18h00: The delegation will be in Nang and bring the team to the point of to finish the program of Da Nang - Hue tour.

4. Ba Na Hills Tour

Ba Na tour integrates daily delegation from Nang with that will bring tourists more meaningful tours.

Ba Na tour schedule

7h45-8h15: Pick up guests at the hotel. Departure to Na Hills is located 37km from the center of Nang to the west of the city

8h45: Arriving at the foot of , visitors will use the cable car to get to the first attraction. From the cabin, visitors will think that they are hovering in the middle of the clouds, watching the primitive, majestic looks of primeval forests will have the feeling of of excitement such as straying into the first place. .

- Arrive Na Station, tourists continue the Mountain Train trip running between the vast slopes to walk to the romantic flower garden Le Jardin filled with flavor. After making some brilliant pictures, visitors walk a bit more to come to Sakyamuni Buddha Statue, Linh Ung Pagoda 2.

11h30: Group lunch at the buffet restaurant

- Tourists join the amusement park with an area of ​​21000m², including a play area for Softplay children; Mega 360 3D movie theater, 4D, 5D; strong feeling game area, wax display area

- Tourists will immerse in the romantic, luxurious and elegant atmosphere in French Village; or can reward Latin dances performed by Ukrainian musicians and immerse in the vibrant Carnival festivals

15h00: Group focus, goodbye Hills. Departure to Nang

16h30: Bring the team back to the initial welcome point. End of Na tour.

Besides, make a reservation at Chiic World to choose one of the luxurious and classy accommodation for your trip more memorable experiences.

5. DIFF Tour

In the journey of Nang fireworks tour 2019, visitors will have the opportunity to explore the unforgettable destinations of Nang. Tourists will have the opportunity to visit with the highest Buddha statue in Vietnam. Ganoderma means the of promise to be fulfilled.

Linh Ung Pagoda

Visitors also have the opportunity to visit Ngu Hanh Son with that has been carved by nature for hundreds of years. Climbing the cool stone steps is the Heaven Gate with a view of the sea and the sea, the sky

Marble -=Mountain

Besides, the tourists who love to explore the nostalgic tourist spots will have a time to walk on the streets in bold imprint of time in Hoi An. Coming to Hoi An ancient town, visitors will have the opportunity to immerse themselves in the sparkling space with the vibrant colors of lanterns, where the lyrical music is played smoothly from a certain restaurant, or the Quang rustic songs are bold in the strange sounds of the locals.

Hoi An Ancient Town, Quang Nam

An indispensable place in the journey of Nang fireworks tour is this Hill. With the cable car system reaching 4 international records, Fantasy Park amusement park with many unique free games, the French village is elaborately built based on the architecture of medieval European villages, and The population of Linh Ung Pagoda, the statue of Thich Buddha is 27m high, it can be said that Na Hills is a combination of relaxation, spirituality and entertainment that cannot be visited when visitors come to Nang.

Ba Na Hill tourist area

Do not stop there, visitors will be waving the delight area with the blue sea of ​​Cu Lao Cham. Immerse yourself in cool water, watch colorful coral beaches with fish swimming around. Enjoy a long day with the salty taste of the salt, the cool breeze of the island and the waves of inviting waves.

In addition, do not forget to choose an ideal place to stay at luxury apartments of to enjoy the international fireworks festival atmosphere in Nang.


Son Tra Peninsula, visit - This place has the highest statue of Quan The Am Viet Nam, standing here, you will admire the panoramic view of the city, mountains and in the most perfect way. .

Afternoon car you to visit:

Day 1:

- Hoi An Ancient Town - Cau Pagoda, Phung Hung Ancient House, Phuoc Kien Assembly Hall, Handicraft Facility, ... You are free to enjoy tea & cookie cookies Reaching Out Tea House special tea shop of the Association of people with disabilities disability, .... excluded).

- Giving Show "Ky Uc Hoi ": Performing outdoor scenes with the number of actors reaching Vietnamese records, vividly reproducing the multicultural Faifo region: Champa, Portugal, Japan, China idyllic rural life by the Hoai River, the epic moment in history, the golden age of the port of the city for a while the entrance ticket to Hoi An Impressive Park: Revisiting Hoi An's a bustling international port with the presence of Asian and European cultures, studying silkworm rearing, spinning silk weaving with looms, making Hoi green bean cake, enjoying style tea Japanese way.

After watching the group show back to Danang, check in. Overnight in Nang.

Day 2:

- Hot Spring Park Tourist Area - Here, you will take a mineral bath at Long Nguyet Ho and other natural lakes, relax with dry sauna, steam sauna, soak your feet directly at the mines mineral revealed, happy.

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