August 23, 2019

In recent years, Da Nang has been chosen by many people in their travels. Have you been to the entertainment places here? Join with Chiic vacation to discover top 10 playing spots when travelling to Da Nang.

1. Asian Park

Address: 01 Phan Dang Luu, Hoa Cuong Bac, Hai Chau, Da Nang.
Opening hours: 15:00 – 22:00.
Ticket price: + Adults: 300,000 VND
+ Children: 200,000 VND

Source: Collector

This is a place everyone should come because the grandeur of the designs here is extremely beautiful and spectacular, the indoor and outdoor play area, making sure the games here will leave you very emotional.


2. Da Nang chicken church


Address: 156 Tran Phu Street, Hai Chau, Da Nang.

Source: Collector


This is a special place in Da Nang, not only impressed by visitors by the unique ancient architecture but also contains quite a lot of meanings, especially for Catholics. The church stands out with lovely pink and much splendid architecture that has many beautiful photos!


3. Love Bridge_ Dragon Bridge


Address: Love Bridge is located on the east bank of the Han River, on Tran Hung Dao Street, Son Tra District, Da Nang, located at the top of the Dragon Bridge. A very convenient location for tourist activities, sightseeing. You can move here very conveniently.

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Dragon Bridge is a bridge that bears the symbol of Da Nang with the image of an extremely majestic dragon, and on the 9:00pm and Sunday, there will be fire spraying and water spraying on the dragon bridge every week, this is a moment worth to admire and save when you come to Da Nang

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Also, you can visit the Han River Bridge to see the shimmering, fanciful city or Tran Thi Ly bridge is equally interesting


4. Helio center


Address: Located on 2/9 street, near the Asian park.

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This is a place for entertainment, dining, shopping … Helio’s indoor games are spoiled for your choice, in addition to all the food night markets are very large and vibrant, there are also areas Shopping for you to choose more. 


5. Son Tra peninsula


Coming to Da Nang, everyone will see a poetic peninsula between the immense sea, the Son Tra peninsula, begin the journey to discover Son Tra with the Chessboard Peak.

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The journey will go through other famous places such as multi-thousand-year trees, rapids. Continuing to follow each crab road, we will stop at Linh Ung Pagoda.


6. Ba Na hills


Going to Da Nang with time, you should definitely visit Ba Na Hills to visit. The media did not know how much pen and paper to write about Ba Na.

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Coming here, you will enjoy the fresh air of nature, stealing hangs and freely taking photos of “virtual living” here because this is the “way to the first sight”.


7. Than Tai hot springs park


Address: QL14G, Hoa Phu, Hoa Vang, Da Nang.
This is an emerging destination in Da Nang, making sure you visit because Than Tai hot springs park is a built-in scale, many games …

Source: Collector

Ticket price: + Adult: VND 300,000
+ Children: 150,000 VND / child (1-1.3m high), children under 1m are free of entrance tickets. Including services: Mineral bath in the outdoor mineral pool, water games, swimming pool, Sliding Lazy river buoy …


8. Hoa Phu Thanh waterfall


Hoa Phu Thanh tourist area is a new sports and tourism destination in Da Nang. Here you will have the opportunity to slide the waterfall with rub