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September 8, 2019

There are many rationales make Da Nang always be in tourists mind for their holidays and vacations. And one convincing justification for this is the hottest events, the stimulating activities on a very big scale as well as excellent quality. Especially the National Day of Independence is coming. Join with Chiic Vacation to explore the top events in Da Nang September!


1. Danang International Lion Dance Festival 2019

Time: August 30 - September 2, 2019,
Location: Sun World Da Nang Wonders Park.
Ticket price: 50,000 VND / ticket for students nationwide and Da Nang residents.



This will be the largest lion festival ever in Vietnam, with the participation of 30 teams of the famous lion from many countries, including 6 teams from China. , Taiwan, Malaysia, Singapore, Indonesia, Australia and 24 teams of engineers throughout the three regions of Vietnam.



The festival promises to bring the audience many fascinating competitions by gathering at the large scale tournament this is the "big names".


In addition to the familiar performance content, the special highlight of the festival is the content "Plum blossom on the water" was first performed in Vietnam.


Beside, witnessing the technical virtuosity of athletes in the unique folk art, visitors also enjoy extremely special art performances from the "young" artists of the country. International. The vibrant music mingled with the "light dance" of Lazer show in the glass cage will bring a fanciful, mesmerizing and exciting atmosphere for the viewers.


2. Helio Summer Festival

Duration: takes place within 5 months from April 25 to September 25
Location: Helio center, 2/9 street, Da Nang city.


- NEW HUNTING CENTRAL MEDIA FILM: Designed with a length of over 200m, inspired by the beautiful Mediterranean coast, this place promises to be a place for the creation of stunning summer greetings.


- SWITCHING WITH GA BEAUTIFY SPACE AND BEAUTIFUL GRILL: With a spectacularly decorated space, hundreds of new beers, and lots of delicious baked goods, combining tropical summer tunes, this really is where you can enjoy the most meaningful summer festival.