Referring to Da Thanh cuisine, in addition to specialty dishes in tourist areas, restaurants, and food stalls, street food is an indispensable part of creating a unique and diverse city. Street food in Danang is made up of a series of delicious dishes that make you eat forever and not bored. Let's Chiic Vacation check it out a list of the 10 most typical street food in this city.

1. Jackfruit mix

Jackfruit mix is a typical dish for street food in Danang. Da Nang jackfruit mix made from boiled jackfruit and boiled shrimp, along with other vegetables and spices such as dried onions, fish sauce, chili, garlic, served with rice paper.

It is mainly sold on the street, some famous selling points can be mentioned such as the intersection of Le Duan, Hoang Hoa Tham, Jackfruit mix of Old woman, jackfruit mixed with Bac My An market ... Jackfruit mixed in Da Nang sold in the evening, you can enjoy this dish as a rustic snack, extremely delicious but reasonable prices.

2. Thai durian

If you are a big fan of durian food, then in Danang you cannot miss it. Thai durian is very delicious, the fleshy, fat leopard of the durian is very strong and the aroma of nose definitely makes you salivate as soon as you smell it.

Thai durian includes ingredients such as durian with split-grain, coconut milk, jelly, jackfruit, longan, pineapple, and many other ingredients. Just once you eat, you will be extremely fascinated with this extremely attractive street durian tea.

To eat Thai durian in Da Nang, you can go to Lien shop located at Dien Bien Phu street, Hoang Dieu street, September 2 street.

3. Avocado cream

Referring to Da Nang street cuisine, it is impossible not to mention the avocado cream dish. This ice cream is popular with the young people in this city because of the greasy flavor combined with fresh cream, coconut cream, and coconut.

Hot summer with a glass of cool avocado cream is certainly nothing more wonderful. To eat delicious avocado ice cream in Danang you can go to Bac My An market or to Co Van avocado cream shop very famous here.

4. Beo, loc, nam cake

Beo, loc, nam cake are often sold together on the streets of Da Nang. This trio of attractive cakes is very popular and loved by Da Nang people.

Loc cakes are made from filter flour and shrimp paste, Nam cake is made from rice flour with lean meat, cat mushrooms, Beo cake is made from rice flour with meat, shrimp peanut. These cakes are very simple and easy to eat. Traveling to Da Nang, you can see many places displaying the table selling these cakes.

5. Quang Noodle

Quang noodle is a specialty of Da Thanh land. In addition to being sold in restaurants, luxury restaurants, in Da Nang street this dish is also sold very popular. Da Nang people can eat all day noodles from breakfast, lunch, dinner or late at night. Quang noodles are made from delicious rice, the noodles are thick and iron coated into big fibers. The noodles may be white or yellow. Served with Quang noodles is the water made from pork bones, chicken, shrimp or jellyfish, vegetables of all kinds and rice paper.

Infamous markets in Da Nang such as Con market, Han market all have promo noodles, so you are easy to enjoy, the price of promo noodles sold in the street is much cheaper than luxury restaurants or bars.

6. Can Cake

Can Cake is also a top dish of attractive Da Nang Street Food. Each of the small, crispy, golden rice cakes with minced meat, shrimp, scallions creates an attractive dish that the culinary delights will not be denied. Da Nang base cakes are served with raw vegetables, sour papaya and dipping sauce.

This dish is worth a try when wandering around the Da Nang ward. You can eat Danang Cakes at Ms. Van Nguyen Hoang, Can Custard restaurant on Cu Chin Lan Street in Thanh Khe District and many other places.

7. Mam Noodle

Mam Noodle Da Nang is a delicacy that food lovers need to try once they come to this beautiful city. Mam Noodle is a portion of rustic but extremely special street food. This dish is made from vermicelli, jackfruit, fish sauce and other types of meat such as roast pork, spring rolls, pork skin, roasted peanuts served with raw vegetables. Just smelling the fragrant fish sauce on the street, your stomach is rumbling and demanding to eat right away.

There is a whole line of Tran Ke Xuong in the Hai Chau district, you can come to enjoy it. In street eateries or in markets it is easy to find this noodle dish.

8. Fishball Noodle

Fishball Noodle is a dish that has left a lot of impression with visitors from near and far to Da Nang. This dish is also one of the favorite street food in Danang. Fishball Noodle is made from vermicelli noodles, mackerel rolls, strabismus or flying fish and raw vegetables served with bone broth.

In addition, people here also add shrimp paste, chili, garlic, onions and carrots pickled to the dish for roundness. To eat fishball noodles of Danang, tourists can come to popular markets or some famous restaurants such as Ba Lu fishball noodle restaurant, Fish Fishball noodle restaurant, Ba Sau restaurant, Ba Hoa restaurant ...

9. Pancake, spring rolls

Referring to Da Nang street cuisine, if the lack of pancakes, spring rolls are not really complete. Pancakes in Danang are not too big as Southern pancakes. However, your core and shell are not much different.

Crispy fried pancake with bean sprouts, bacon, shrimp, onion. When eating you roll with rice paper, raw vegetables, and sauce. Spring rolls are made from finely grilled pork cooked directly on the charcoal. This dish is rolled with raw vegetables, sour banana, sour star fruit with special sauce or served with noodles.

10. Baked rice paper

Baked rice paper is the delicious street food that young people love. This dish is made from rice paper, filled with pate, egg, beef, spring onion, and fresh onion.

Baked rice paper grilled over charcoal fire gives off a very appealing aroma. When you eat this dish, you will dot with chili sauce prepared according to its own recipe. This is a very typical dish for Da Nang street food.

Coming to Da Nang and enjoying street food, visitors will be immediately fascinated by the diversity, attraction, and deliciousness of the dishes. Join the Chiic Vacaiton go on the streets and alleys in Danang and enjoy it!

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