Are you looking for the best apartment hotel in Da Nang?

Nowaday, many travellers has planned their vacation with staying in the apartment which is more spacious and fully furnished than a traditional hotel. Apartment hotel or called apartel is a hot trend in travel industry. Especially, Danang is the promised destination for apartel grow up rapidly.

Check out list of the best apartment hotels in Da Nang and the best way to book apartments online with a very reasonable price.

1.Animor Green Home

Get away from the chaos of life, to a place without smoke, no need to go anywhere, right in the heart of beautiful Da Nang city, family members can still find themselves in a green place to relax and spin around each holiday or after a tiring week of work. Animor Villa Da Nang is your must-go destination for quality hotel accommodations in Danang.

Furniture here is simple but modern and fully equipped, with premium materials with the best quality, create a cozy feeling, luxurious, sophisticated and modern.

Besides the plenty breakfast, or any Set Menu for your family, the kitchen with more convenient items is an ideal place to prepare delicious meals for your family which will bring you such a memorable holiday in here.

The Vietnamese traditional set menu for family