Da Nang city is a tourist destination attracting millions of domestic and foreign visitors every year of Vietnam. High rated in many famous review website and page, Da Nang deserve to be the best must-go destination in Vietnam.

Let's join us on 10 best tourist attractions in Da Nang new update in 2019 as below.

1. Ba Na Hills

Ba Na Hills is an attractive tourist destination of Da Nang city. For a long time, this "hill" is considered a "trump card" attracting thousands of tourists to Da Nang every year. Sun World entertainment brand system, away from the center of Da Nang city More than 20 km, Sun World Ba Na Hills is the most luxury resort and entertainment complex in Vietnam.

Coming to Sun World Ba Na Hills, visitors have the opportunity to visit and experience unique and unique buildings and destinations. One of the most beloved visitors to Ba Na Hills is the French Village, which recreates an ancient and romantic France with unique classical buildings such as squares, churches and towns towns, old villages, and hotels.

2.Golden Bridges

Cau Vang - Golden Bridge , the project has just officially launched from 6/2018 in Ba Na has been honored by TIME magazine in "Top 10 most wonderful destinations in the world in 2018" and the Guardian site acknowledged as " The most impressive walking bridge in the world ”.

Located nearly 1,000 meters above sea level (on Ba Na Mountain), the Golden Bridge is 150 meters long connecting a cable car station with nearby gardens. Walking on this bridge, visitors can admire the charming scenery of the mountains, cable cars and French village areas under construction.

"It is an attempt to attract more tourists to the city," Time said.

In addition to the space with romantic French architecture, magnificent right at the top of the mountain converging all the luxurious and attractive services such as restaurants, theme parks Fantasy Park, debay cellars, wax museums, flower gardens. , another tourist attraction in Danang is the place that possesses a 4-season climate in an interesting day.To Ba Na Hills, you will surely have unforgettable experiences with photos. memories like being lost in Europe.

3.Asian Park

Asia Park Danang is one of the world-class amusement parks, worth playing and visiting Vietnam and Southeast Asia. The entertainment park at Asia Park offers a series of exclusive games. original, first appeared in Vietnam.

Games often referred to as rollercoaster, overhead train, free fall tower, high speed slide ... will certainly bring visitors many interesting experiences.

Coming to Asian Park you will discover the colorful and fun world of fun with the game of thrills or fun games. Besides, you will be immersed in the cultural space with bold Asian identity. Make sure visitors will experience the feeling of comfortable play here.

Asia Park consists of three main areas: a modern outdoor amusement park, a cultural park with symbolic miniature art and architecture of 10 Asian countries, and the Sun Wheel - where Interference between modern and traditional features.

Cultural Park in Asia Park opens an exciting oriental space through every cultural diversity, historic architecture and unique artistic and culinary activities of 10 Asian countries: Japan Edition, Indonesia, Singapore, Korea, India, Nepal, Thailand, Cambodia, China and Vietnam.

4. My Khe Beach

Dubbed as one of the 6 most beautiful beaches on the planet, it is not missing without mentioning My Khe beach. Blue sand and yellow sea brings pure beauty to attract tourists. Therefore, the area here concentrates a lot of hotels and restaurants to serve tourists to Danang every year.

My Khe Beach is one of the 6 most beautiful beaches on the planet, it is not missing without mentioning My Khe beach. Blue sand and yellow sea brings pure beauty to attract tourists. Therefore, the area here concentrates a lot of hotel restaurants to have 3 main areas of the sea divided to serve all visitors. This is to reduce the load of visitors looking for the hot and sunny peak color. This is a bustling beach with lots of entertainment activities suitable for all ages and needs of visitors. With clear blue water, people can enjoy themselves to enjoy the absolute relaxation.

Besides, a long coastline and small leaf huts are set up to serve tourists' leisure activities. This is also an ideal place for those wishing to participate in sea sports games such as football, badminton, ... to serve tourists to Danang every year.

Just not far from My Khe beach, is the "golden," the most expensive road of Da Nang, the Central. Saying this is the "golden," road by the world-class 4.5-star areas like Chou's Home series apartment, HAIAN Beach Hotel & Spa, Animor Green Home, Furama, The Ocean Villas, The Dunnes, Olalani, Silvershores, Fusion Maia resorts , Life resort ...

The abundance of high-end resorts brings intense competition to create a good effect, soft prices, and visitors will enjoy the best, most comfortable and luxurious services.

For those who just want to enjoy Da Nang seafood while enjoying the romantic scenery at sunset, the local shops along the beach are a great choice. It has all kinds of fresh seafood on the market so visitors can choose to buy raw materials and cook their own. What are you waiting for, or plan it today to have an enjoyable vacation at this beautiful beach.

5. Dragon Bridge

Da Nang was dubbed the city of bridges, because because it was only a few kilometers away, a bridge was seen in this city, but it was not simple bridges but they had features unique and unique uniqueness has never been anywhere in Vietnam. Bridge Dragon fire spray - water spray is the most famous bridge in Da Nang by the unique shape of the bridge and interesting things associated with that bridge.

With its location across the Han River, the bridge stands tall and stands out in the heart of the city, making any Da Nang people look extremely proud. The bridge was built in the style of a dragon-shaped architecture in the Ly Dynasty, such as reaching out to the big sea, an extremely meaningful idea expressing the growing aspirations of Da Nang city and the statue represents the new architectural art of Danang.

In addition to the impression of architecture, Da Nang Dragon Bridge is also designed with the function that surprised visitors, that is to spray fire and spray water. This is like a magnet to attract travelers about tourism in Da Nang.

If you have the opportunity to Da Nang, tourists come here on weekends to see, admire the Danang Dragon Bridge spraying fire, spraying water. In addition to this unique bridge, Da Nang has many beautiful and famous places to retain the four-way tourists.

Come and see firsthand this "most livable city in Vietnam", maybe visitors will not forget to leave.

6 . Nam O Reef

Maybe visitors will indulge in the charming and charming beauty of Nam Nam Reef. The picture of the sea here is so beautiful, it makes visitors feel attached to it. Come here and drop souls into nature, drifting out of worrying worries to be at peace.

Bai Nam Beach is a pristine beach located in Hoa Hiep ward in Linh Chieu district, 17km from the center of Da Nang city in the northwest. With dusty tourists, the Nam O Reef is a new and unique discovery site, but for Da Thanh residents, this beach is too familiar because this is a favorite picnic place every weekend.

Because of 'not appearing' in any tour's route, Nam O Reef still retains its pristine beauty, so that travelers feel like setting foot in a new land, spreading freely. experience.

The Nam O Reef is divided into two small clusters, the Reef and the Reef. The Reef is about 50 and about 300m long and stands out with a thick layer of reefs immersed in the sea. The smaller Reef lies parallel to the Great Reef, in the middle is a small creek where people still call the bowel, creating a new difference for the South Reef. Standing on the large rocks, towards the east, tourists will see Son Tra peninsula, on the west bank is a looming Hai Van Pass hidden in the dim clouds of mountains and trees.

If possible, take advantage of the Nam O Reef early in the morning to awaken the sun and catch that sparkling moment. Nature in Nam Nam Reef has brought a solitary loneliness but it is also very interesting, so as to interweave deep and peaceful emotions.

Nam O reefs show the color of hope of the sea, the pristine sand, the green of the tree and the color of love in each person's heart. Loving Reef Nam O - a certain stop should stop once in your life.

7.Lang Van

At the foot of the Hai Van Pass, isolated from the city, Danang's tourist destination in Van village with wild beauty is the favorite campsite for young people.

The village of Van Da Nang - Lang Van is a small village nestled at the foot of Hai Van Pass, isolated from Danang City. Previously, Van Village was home to a part of people suffering from leprosy. After leprosy had cure, villagers returned to integrate with the community. At the same time, Lang Van becomes a "mysterious" beauty that stimulates many people's desire to explore.

It owns beautiful wild scenery, very suitable for weekend camping trips.

The village of Danang has charming wild beauty even though there are traces of people living here.

It is the harmony between the wild landscape and the ruins of the ruined houses that make up the very beauty to "bewildered" people look. Van village is becoming an ideal tourist destination "storming" in Da Nang.

8. Marble Moutain

Located on the route Da Nang - Hoi An, Marble Moutain is a complex of 5 limestone mountains that rise above the sandy beaches: Kim Son, Moc Son, Thuy Son, Hoa Son and Tho Son, Marble Moutain. Ngu Hanh Son Mountain has a majestic landscape with ancient mossy rocks and many architectural and special architectural works.

With fresh, cool weather and beautiful 4-season scenery, Ngu Hanh Son is one of the attractive Da Nang tourist destinations that you can visit at any time of the year. If traveling in the summer, besides Marble Mountain, you can combine vacation at the beaches in the area.

Remnants remain that before the Vietnamese came here, the Cham people worshiped their gods in caves and temples on these mountains. Vietnamese people came to bring Buddhism, set up more temples, and pagodas, adding to the solemn nature of a landscape without eliminating each other.

The Ngu Hanh Son area is planned and is being built into Ngu Hanh Son Cultural Park. In the short future you will see this place completely different, more beautiful and more attractive to tourists.

Marble Mountain is located not too far from the center of Da Nang city, so HAIAN hotel is a great choice and has a convenient location to move to Ngu Hanh mountain.

9. Linh Ung Pagoda

Linh Ung Pagoda in Son Tra is considered the Buddha realm between the world. The pagoda is located on the top of the mountain in Bai But, Son Tra Peninsula, Da Nang (many people call it Linh Ung Bai But Pagoda or Linh Ung Son Tra Pagoda - because Da Nang has 3 Linh Ung Pagoda) overlooking the East Sea, on the other side is Cu Lao Cham Island, on the other side is Hai Van Mount on the other side, a quiet Han River flowing into the sea.

The temple is 693 meters above sea level, with an area of ​​20 hectares, on top of a mountain, one side of the sea. Linh Ung Beach Bai But is a complex of many items including the main hall, the ancestor's house, the lecture hall, the street and the library ...

Visiting Linh Ung Pagoda, visitors from the cross also have the opportunity to visit the panorama of a city on a strong development. From the pagoda, the view towards the sea will be surrounded by a blue sea and sky, a long white sandy beach running around the road at the foot of the mountain glistening under the soft sunshine of the peninsula.

Linh Ung Bai Bai Pagoda has now become an attractive tourist and sightseeing spot in Da Nang. The road to this mountain temple is easy thanks to a spacious paved road along the hillside, taking visitors to the place.

10. Chessboard top

Da Nang Chessboard Peak is known as the "roof" of the most beautiful coastal city in Central Vietnam, where you can immerse yourself in nature at an altitude of 700m, drop your soul between the sky and watch the Da Thanh blue sea bridges across the Han River "right at my feet".

Because of that beauty, many peoples everywhere flock to Da Nang to see where the Da Nang Chess Top is, and care about how Da Nang's Ban Co Peak or Da Co Peak is going.

Let's explore the way to Son Tra Da Nang Chessboard Peak to see how this street and the destination are so interesting that it makes crazy "lovers" so much!

Legend has it that in the past, there were two fairies who used to come to Son Tra summit to play chess but still did not fail. Suddenly one day, just by watching the female fairy fly to the beach to bathe, a man neglected to lose and angrily threw the chessboard into the sea and flew back to the sky. The people have rebuilt the chessboard with the statue of De Thich to mark this special place, hence the name of the Chess Table.

It is not natural that there are legends that all come to the summit of Son Tra - ie Chess Board Peak to enjoy and play chess. Standing in the middle of the vast space of heaven and earth, the beauty of Chess Table Top will definitely make you "bewildered" as if lost in the first world.

Do not forget to bring a camera to record these 1-0-2 natural landscapes on the way to Da Nang Flag Top which nature bestows on Son Tra Peninsula!

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