Da Nang water sport activities - The summer is upcoming and it’s time to bring friends and family for a total chill out in Da Nang. Coming to Da Nang beach, you will have a chance to explore the exciting and adventurous entertainment activities, which brings you more experiences and full of pleasure feelings to discover new things. It cans be surfing, parasailing, paragliding, canoeing, banana boat riding, snorkeling ...

Let's join Chiic Vacation and discover the most attractive water sport activities in Da Nang Beach as below:

Water sport activities


Parasailing was put into operation at My Khe beach, Da Nang in 2014. And has become the most popular water sport activity in Da Nang Beach that many tourists love and want to experience.

Tourists participating in this fun activity can enjoy panoramic views of Da Nang while flying in the sky with the vast sea right below. Guests will feel comfortable, fulfill energy after the hard working days. This strong feeling is suitable for adventurers.

Parasailing was carefully studied with high safety level and equipped with life jackets for players. The organizer calculated the safety by flying at a height of 50m. On the canoe is the rescue team always on duty when problems occur.



Jet-skiing is a very popular water sport in Da Nang. As a activity suitable for travelers who like to experience thrills.

Guests will be equipped with a safety jacket, guided by the tour guide on how to control the handlebar, accelerator and how to drive smoothly. When you want to stop the motor, just release the accelerator, it is very safe. With this sport you have the opportunity to conquer undulating ocean waves at a speed of 70-80 km/hour.

Jet-skiing is a type of water sport that attracts travelers who has passion on speed. One vehicle can be drove with two people or even one person. The motorbike is made of composite plastic, controlled by handlebar with accelerator.


3.Banana boat ride

Banana boat ride is a sport game that not only gives a strong feeling to the player, but also bring fun moments to team during each play. Guests will wear a life jacket and sit on a banana floating boat tied with a speed canoe by a cable. Canoe will pull the boat at high speed from 50 to 80 km/hour in the excitement of the participants.

Come to the water after an afternoon stretching on the beach, get on the banana boat and experience this sport game, there is nothing more wonderful than that.

Banana boat ride

4.Diving and watching coral

Da Nang sea is famous for its coral reefs that are considered diverse. With various ocean creatures, visitors in Da Nang are very interested in diving activities to watch coral reefs. This can be said to be an interesting activity for a hot summer day.

Da Nang's famous coral diving sites are My Khe beach and Son Tra peninsula.

Visitors will be taken to a diving point, and fully equipped and secured by experienced trainers before getting into the sea.

Diving and watching coral

5.Parachute jumping

From a height of about 600m on Son Tra Mountain, drown in the wind, and enjoy the beauty of one of the six most attractive beaches in the world. It will be a special experience for you when spending a vacation in Da Nang beach.

This game is suitable for those who like to explore new experiences. From the high, both Son Tra peninsula and Da Nang city will be in your eyes's range. Guests will feel the grandeur and vastness of the sea and mountains of Da Nang.

Parachute flying


Kayaking is a water sport game that challenges courage, calmness, perseverance but also a lesson about the ability to handle flexibly many situations and techniques of players. Depending on how adventurous you are, you can choose where to start the journey. It cans be a peaceful sea but it can also be a waterfall if you want to challenge yourself. Boat rental price is from 200,000 to 300,000 VND/hour.


7.Beach volleyball

Da Nang Beach is the right place for visitors who wants to play water sports including beach volleyball and beach football. If you are in a group, you can set up teams to play together, and if you go separately, d